Katia Boustani

Katia Boustani

Katia Boustani is an internationally acknowledged Global Leader in the Breathwork industry and one of only 5 Rebirthing Breath Masters acknowledged by the founding Father of Breathwork himself, Leonard Orr, during his lifetime.

With over 30 years of experience in Breathwork, Katia is the Founder of Rebirth Breath Therapy® where she helps practitioners confidently deliver breathwork as a profound healing modality for both themselves and their clients, using her signature 3-step Rebirth Breath Therapy® Method.

Katia is also the founder of Global Breathing Awareness, a conscious community project which is a free social & educational platform for breathworkers, therapists and healers of all modalities & all breath lovers worldwide.



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"At Eleusis, one realises, if never before, that there is no salvation in becoming adapted to a world which is crazy. At Eleusis, one becomes adapted to the cosmos. Outwardly Eleusis may seem broken, disintegrated with the crumbled past; actually, Eleusis is still intact and it is we who are broken, dispersed, crumbling to dust. Eleusis lives; lives eternally in the midst of a dying world."
Henry Miller

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